Though these words will never find you, I hope that you knew I was thinking of you today… and that I was wishing you every happiness. Love Always, The man you loved once..


Out of original matter, Earth became the very ground we stand on. The earth is far older than humans, and is seen as the ultimate life-giver and mother of all living things. Our food grows in the soil, as trees and plants. Minerals come from the earth, and for thousands of years we’ve used it for fuel, stones and gems. We bury our dead underground because according to tradition, the dead will one day spring to life again, in the same way that new plants grow.

But instead of accepting our down-to-earth nature, all of us are flying about, always looking, trying to find fulfillment of some kind or another. We are all on a quest for the grail of our choice.

But the harder we search for it, the more elusive it often becomes; we seem to get even busier and more stressed. Have you noticed that we are moving faster and faster, achieving more and more, and are yet often less fulfilled? We don’t find whatever it is we are seeking because we have forgotten the first thing — the stone home on which we base our whole lives, which literally supports us. The ground. As our foundation, stone has guiding wisdom, it gives us the essential ingredients for successful living. Back to the basics, the fundamentals, we find our way to happiness. Why don’t we see it? Because it’s too obvious. Because we are too busy standing on it. Because we take it so much for granted and never give it any thought. Or perhaps because we are too much in our own thoughts to even notice. Just as this world spins around, turn your own head around. Go to the bottom to get to the top. The secret is right under your feet. The stone on which you stand and sit and rest and breathe is the first thing, the home base where everything begins and ends.

To heal yourself of anxiety and addictions…To calm the feverish, endless yearning for more, new and different…To be at peace, fulfilled…To accept what is and be happy…

Ground Yourself…Touch the Earth.